Lost basket/cart

I had a cart of >20 items and the browser showed that I was logged in. I managed to add another item.

Then for some reason I was automatically logged out. When I logged back in, the card was empty?

The cart hasn’t been auto-saved. As a new user about to place an order, this is very frustrating :weary:

I think I’ve worked out what is happening and may be a bug with the Digi-Key website.

If you visit the website, it shows that you are logged in and you have items in the cart. If you start adding items it looks as though they are being added.

The moment you click on mydigikey it prompts you to login? When you do this, the recent items that have been added are lost.

Could someone from Digi-Key look into this as it seems to be a serious bug, which I do not expereince when using other websites.

Sorry the inconvenience you are experiencing with this. I have forwarded your information to the appropriate department so they can look into the issue.