Lost hours of work when saving

After making many changes this morning, I hit the save button and it said I had to log in. I hit the login button and the tool brought up the design that had been saved several days ago, minus changes I made yesterday and today. Is there any history or temporary files from this morning that can help recover the lost work?
username: dougmainz
project: Scheme-it | Free Online Schematic and Diagramming Tool | DigiKey Electronics
Date of changes: 4/24/2021 at 7:30ish am.

Thank you for your inquiry.

I am reaching out to the group that handles Scheme-it and the function of saving and history/revisions of the file.

Hi Colby_1608,
Thanks for responding. I went ahead and re-entered the lost work.
Can you pass on the following info to the Scheme-it team?
While editing a schematic after logging in, at some point the user is considered ‘logged out’ with no indications on the UI. The time frame seems to be in the 10s of minutes.
When ‘logged out’ and the user hits the save button, there are two different dialogs that appear. One that says you are logged out and does not provide a button to log in, the other provides the button to log in. I’m not sure what the conditions are for each. Regardless, after logging in, the result is non-deteriministic after hitting the save button. In the first case, the file is saved and all is good. In the second case, the work is reverted to some older version, causing potentially hours of lost work - even work that was previously saved.
I have started saving a different revision of the project every time I make a change so that the loss is minimized.
Please provide a safe way to save a file after long edit sessions.

Hi @dougmainz
Thanks for reporting your issue. The Scheme-it team is aware and working on a solution to the early logout.

  • The first pop-up you are seeing is to report an error - the Scheme-it platform is treating the logged out session as an error as the team is working through a solution. Sending feedback with details of your issue can help our developers troubleshoot the cause. Pressing cancel will clear the pop-up.
  • The second pop-up for logging in can be treated as the normal login process. Your latest work should be stored in your browser cache and persist through the login process.

If your browser cache is cleared without the project being saved your latest work may be lost.

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