Lost hours of work

I was tracing a circuit and using SchemeIT; saving about every 5 minutes as I went. When I logged back in, the project / file was only at about 10% of what I did. – It seems likely that the the save button broke mid way through, and clicking it triggered the animation, but wasn’t actually saving.

Does tech support have any way to help me recover this? Perhaps my user account has some temp files associated with it.


@thos - Can you give a link to your project (URL), your username, and the date and approximate timeframe you were working/saving your project?

URL: https://www.digikey.com/schemeit/project/catalinbread-formula-no-55-5eccf20d7e534c48bda52c78f8acb218/.
Username: thehallofshields
Date: 07/19/2020
Timeframe: Evening (6-10 PM CST)