Low-cost Real-time material flow tracking in the Warehouse

Hi all,

We have multiple buildings in our factory and various types of material for production are stored in those buildings/warehouses. Now material moves continuously from building 1 to 2 and so on from Warehouse-production floor-finish good etc. We dont have any visibility or means of tracking them when the physical inventory moves from point a to b.
Can you please recommend some kind of low-cost medium for tracking the exact location or potentially narrow down the location and status of the material in real-time?

Appreciate any details and insights that you can offer.
Thanks much

Hello, Ari Chakraborty. Welcome to TechForum.

Material and stock tracking is generally done using RFID systems, utilizing tags such as these: RFID Tags. Depending on the specifics of your location, your requirements, and your processes, the tags you need and the methods needed to read them will vary widely.

If you’re looking to know where your material is every second of the day across the entirety of your multiple-building complex, that’s going to be a much more involved process as it requires active tags that can transmit their locations across large distances when queried, as well as a way for those tags to know their locations in the first place. That is certainly a much more expensive prospect than using simple passive tags to verify when material is in specific places, such as Holding Area A or Processing Area B.

You may want to research inventory tracking and control systems used by similar companies in your industry, as unfortunately the current question is a bit too broad for us to offer significant support. Once you have a better idea of the specifics you need for your particular control system, we can aid in guiding parts selection and possibly suggesting potential ways to accomplish specific individual tasks as part of your overall plan.