Tracking System for Senior Design Project

We are looking to build a tracking system for a manufacturer. For the project, the manufacturer is wanting to track 100+ products on the floor. Ideally with an accuracy of 5 ft or less. It has to be a product that we manufacture and requires very little assembly. We compared several systems to each other and found that UWB and RFID were the best options. We will need three main components. A reader, tag, and antenna. For RFID, I found SparkFun SEN-14066 and Qorvo DWM 1001DEV, but I’m not sure if these devices are suitable for this application. I was wondering if there was another device that would be better for my needs.

RFID Tags have a fairly limited range unless you use actively powered UHF Tags that have a battery, and they don’t provide positional awareness, just if the Tag is within range of the reader. They’re often used in situations where you have a controlled bottleneck assets will travel through like a conveyor belt or doorway where the asset can get recorded.

Qorvo (formerly Decawave) has asset tracking tags that can provide positional feedback with a fair amount of accuracy. I don’t believe we currently have a business relationship with Qorvo since they spun off from Decawave.

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