LRA motor average life

Good morning,

Could you please give me an idea of the average life of the following LRA motor?

Model Number:VL32158H-L25

The Data Sheet is not very clear about this particular data




From what it is saying I would say it’s life would be 500,000 100hz cycles/activations.
VL32158H-L25 - Generates 5G @ 100hz LRA Linear Vibration | Vybronics

So if the LRA motor would be left running continuously that would mean about 5.7 days before it dies?
Doesn’t sound like a lot



Hi robertclever82,

This is misleading, for a few reasons. First, that test was not a test to typical failure time, but rather a minimum threshold of guaranteed reliability. The data sheet states that it will not fail after a test of applying a 2Vrms sine wave for one second, turning off for one second, and repeating 500,000 times, which comes to about 11.5 days of nearly continuous use. It does not state that this is the expected lifetime, but only that it will not fail after such a test.

More importantly, these devices are not designed for continuous operation. They are designed for haptic feedback, which is inherently a low duty-cycle application. At the repetition rate of the stated test, it would actuate 43,200 times per day, and would allow minimal time for cooling between operations. A more realistic number of actuation cycles would be a tiny fraction of this. As such, one could expect the guaranteed minimum lifetime to be hundreds to thousands of times longer than that described in their test for a more typical application.

Thanks for the detailed explanation!