LTC1864ACS8#PBF vs LTC1864AIS8

What differences are there between these two parts? Trying to figure out if I can sub the former with the latter. Thanks


The PBF simply calls out a lead free part. It will be the same part.

There are a few other characters that differ, sorry I should have made it clearer - note in part name one is “AC” other is “AI”.

Just a temperature rating.
The I is -40°C ~ 85°C
The C is 0°C ~ 70°C

Great, thank you.

Could I also ask the difference between LT1864CS8 and LT1864ACS

Hi Erikan,

Sorry I’m not finding much on either of those. Neither show up on our website as valid part numbers like that and LT1864CS8 is the only one with any search results with a basic internet search. The LT1864ACS brings up nothing.

Sorry for the inconvenience but since I don’t have any credible resources on these parts I cannot provide any information on their similarities or differences.