Please help determine alternatives to these materials

As far as I know these materials have been discontinued
I have to find suitable substitutes to replace these materials in (digikey)
Please help a material URL that is not listed (digikey) that can be substituted
thank you all!

@TalkBzero Welcome to the Forum!

The first one is most likely part LTC1150CS8#PBF made by analog devices (they used to go by Linear Technology, which is the logo seen on the part). This item is not in stock right now, so a decent alternate is part number LTC1150CS8#TRPBFCT-ND, click here.

The second item is a little more difficult as I can’t find info online based on the markings. If I had a guess, it’s a 68000uF capacitor rated for 63 V. The only problem is that none of our capacitors match those specifications. It might not even be a capacitor, the “F” could be a different indicator.

The third one is difficult to read, I see 8R2 on the first line and I think 129 | K ? The only thing I can think of is a surface mount resistor based on the 8R2, however, I don’t know why there would be a “+” side then. It could be a different item as well, but I can’t find much info on that either.

The fourth one was easy, it’s an aluminum electrolytic capacitor at 1uF 63VDC. We have six options, you’d have to compare sizes though since I don’t know the scale by photo:

The last item, I believe, is an axial metalized film capacitor. The biggest problem though is the capacitance, I’m not entirely sure if I have it right. It could be .22uF, but a generic search for that kind of part usually shows that the number of farads are printed on the case, are there any other markings on the yellow part? Here is what I found based on the info :

thank you very much for your help