Part identification

I have a yellow capacitator with the markingsRA2A105F 1.0/50V IMB. Need help identifying please.

Hi @andrewrobicheau23,

This may be a 1uF-50V film capacitor for audio applications by RTI electronics. The maker, located in Anaheim, CA, does not exist anymore. I guess you can replace it with any good quality film cap with compatible pitch.
Can you provide a photo?

IMHO, component manufacturers should be encouraged to archive the datasheets of their products for public access, in case of bankruptcy or liquidation - in the spirit of “right to repair”. Luckily Digi-key is doing great job by keeping on listing also obsoleted products.

Cheers, heke

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I have photos, I can’t figure out how to share them on this forum. Thanks for your help.

Hi @andrewrobicheau23,

Ah, I can see the good old ICL7135 there!
It seems like the board maker had made a quick fix (probably the original design had a smaller cap with less farads). Anyway, If I see it right, the pitch is approx. 15mm, thus you could try to replace it with something like this:

The high voltage rating ensures that the leakage current is very low (a benefit if the cap is the integrator or autozero cap for the ICL7135, hard to tell from the PCB layout)
Cheers, heke


Ok. Thank you Heke!