I need help with an older Onkyo film capacitor

ECQ-V50V-104J original part # 374721044T
I’m a little confused about the series numbers and the voltage that is available. I think it is .1uF and has a voltage of 50
Can you advise what would be suitable for this application. Thanks

Hello Maurice,

Welcome to the Techforum! The closest option I was able to find in our system for your part is 399-F612JF104K100LCT-ND. Would this work for you?

Hi Rob,
Just found this, In your opinion would
Digi-Key Part Number

be an option. I need a wider spacing if possible.
Thanks, Maurice

That part should work electrically, but it is not in stock and no lead time or minimum order quantity is shown. So you might have to order 100 or more pieces and wait 6 or more months to get it.

The widest lead spacing for an in stock part is this one.

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I didn’t notice the no stock, too busy comparing other things. Thanks for the reply.

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