Novice - Want to buy THIS part - what is it?

I am too uneducated in Electronics to know how to
order these…
Can someone tell me what this Capacitor is ?
Manufacturer ?
How do I order 10 of them here ?
They are to make a YouTube Induction Heater.
Thank you.

Old & Retired Biochemist (79)


The below link shows the options I had found.

If you have dimensions of your on hand caps we can narrow the options further.

Be very careful using an internet project for a potentially very dangerous device as your introduction to electronics projects (fire & shock hazards). We already have too many deaths globally per year from people trying things in YouTube and TickTok videos.


Hi this is the part you after (46KN368040M2M) depending on the lead spacing you required. it is from Kemet Metallized Polypropylene Film EMI Suppression Capacitors
R46, Class X2, 275 VAC, 110°C

Hello genhua, welcome to the Forum. Yes, we do carry R46KN368040M2M, this is Digi-key part number

399-20862-ND. We currently have 100 pieces in stock. The lead spacing on this part is 0.886" (22.50mm), and the description is the same as yours. Do you have a question on the part?

I ordered these Capacitors.
KEMET / R46KN368040H1M
Looks similar in size, shape and capacitance.

I just CANNOT ‘read’ what is on electronic components ! Jibberish
to me.

Ya…my father was Chief Engineer at Hallicrafters Radio back in the '50s and '60s in
Chicago, IL. He had a big HAM Radio in the attic. He made ME climb his two Telephone
Poles and install his Tall Whip Antennas on top - AND I had terrible Vertigo !
He talked to people ALL OVER the world on the 10 and 15 meter band, if I remember
back 65 years !. Never could understand the Language or Jargon.

He invented the Wireless microphone (many will claim THAT) and a Host of Transistor
Radios. His “Handle” was WPKPD. Got killed in an Auto Accident.

Told me the old axiom…“Keep one hand in your pocket” Don’t make a circuit
with your body…
I went to school and got a PhD in Biochemistry. Didn’t like electronics…but he taught
me ‘some’…now I am interested…go figure !

Thanks guys. I’ll let you know if it worked. Still gathering components here and there.
Heat Sink, Resistors, Zeners, MOSFETs, wire, etc. Radio Shack and RADAR Electric
are no more…Nothing sold OTC here in Spokane.