MA1020M (also P and T) Clock Module Documentation

Support could not help me, but they suggested I post in this forum to see if anyone has the documentation that I am looking for.

I am taking a shot in the dark here, but while I was organizing my garage I found an old Clock Module Kit I purchased from your company back in 1983.

I remember building one of these for my parents back in 1983.

My mother loved the clock, but it finally failed working after 30+ years.

The clock had sentimental value to me and I would like to build up the module in remembrance of my mom.

Is there any way you can find the Data Sheets / Assembly Diagrams / Owners Manual for the MA1020M, MA1020P, MA1020T.

Searches online yield an ad in an Old Issue of Popular Electronics (link), but no manuals / assembly instructions or data sheets.

I believe I have all the necessary pieces to assemble the new clock, since I seem to have ordered the MA1020K option.

If anyone still has documentation on this clock module, could you please attach it to a comment to this post.

One of our Employees remembers selling these kits. From his memory, the documents should have been included inside the box for the kit. He’s got an old box of old kits from that era and will take a look to see if any of these kits survived.


Sounds great.

I no longer have the box for the kit, but it looks like I have all the parts.

Let me know of the result of his search.

I actually found the document, by accident, I was looking for in an old filing cabinet.

I will attempt to attach the scanned copy of the document I made to this reply for anyone else who may need it in the future ?

The file is 1.2 Mbytes due to the resolution I required to capture the small font of the original.

Sorry, Since I am a new user, I can’t upload attachments, but I placed a link to the scanned file:

Forum Admin: If the link is not allowed, or you find the information useless (because of the age of the document), feel free to remove it from this reply.

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@djslota1 I have attached the document here for further ease of use.

MA1020DigitalLedClockModule_1200dpi.pdf (1.2 MB)

Thank you for supplying it.