Looking for Data Sheet for AMI FS71429

I am looking for a copy of the AMI FS71429 clock generator chip datasheet. I have an application and I have about 100 of these chips on hand. The Internet seems to be devoid of the 71429 chip information. I can see the 61429 Data sheet but, that is the ROM based part. The 61429 pinout reflects NC on all of the data input pins.

Thanks for any help… jim

Hello w3jmg, welcome to the DigiKey TechForum.
I’m sorry, but we do not carry the FS71429 chip, so we will not have a datasheet for it.
If you know who the manufacturer is, you should check on their website, or send them a request for the datasheet.

Hello David, Thanks for the reply. I know that DigiKey had a listing of Obsolete parts on the database so I gave it a shot that it was in the file.
I was also counting on the user base having an old copy online.

I have been doing business with DigiKey since around 1976 and always have been very pleased with the service. I remember the days of quarter page ads in Byte Magazine.

Best Regards, Jim