Machine Vision - Control/Processing

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Machine vision control and processing modules are chassis, DIN rail or panel mount devices used as camera controllers, code readers, data storage, lighting controllers, multiuse controllers, or sensors in machine vision imaging systems. They are differentiated by voltage supply, number of channels, and output types such as NPN, NPN/PNP, PhotoMos, and PNP.


Controller Type: Indicates the style and configuration of the device.

Output: Indicates the type of electrical signal the device provides, such as NPN or Photomos.

Number of Channels: Indicates the number of output channels the device provides.

Voltage - Supply: An indication that the product meets the minimum safety standards of an approving agency. These agencies are either government entities or private third-party labs that protect consumer safety.

Features: These are different capabilities or properties of the device such as a display.

Mounting Type: Indicates how the device is attached.

Operating Temperature: Recommended operating temperature, typically given in a range or as a maximum. Exceeding these temperatures may affect performance or damage the device and other system components.


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