MACOM Varactor MA46H120 Parasatic Inductance


I was going through the MACOM Varactor MA46H120 by MACOM.
I have found the capacitance range in its data sheet but couldn’t find the parasitic inductance value of diode. Can you plz tell what the parasitic inductance and resistance values of this diode at 9 GHz, 10 GHz, 11 GHz and 12 GHz is. I mean the values of L at entire X band.


The apparent inductance of a small surface mount part like this tends to be strongly influenced by factors under the user’s control, making it difficult for the manufacturer to specify a meaningful value. Some model information is provided on the MACOM site however, which might be helpful.

Hi Rick,

Thankyou for your reply.

I want to use this varactor in tunable metasurface antenna.
But still i would like to know any estimated range of L on the X band?
Or can you please specify some applications where the said varactor is practically demonstrated with known values of L.

Unfortunately I have no further information or examples to offer.

One may note that the parasitic inductance of devices such as this appears largely as a result of the increase in distance to the return path caused by the signal moving off the surface of the board and onto the surface of the device; given this and the dimensions of the device, it should be possible to make an estimate of the desired value.

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