Varactors Packaging and its Parasitic Values

Hi All,

I wonder what is the effect of packaging on series resistance of a varactor diode?
Does it very or not? For instance, a comparison of E28 with 0805-02 package?
As far as i assume, i think the parasitic inductance and capacitance does vary with packaging and i can see this in datasheets that both packages have different parasitic values but i am not sure about resistance. I think the resistance may remain same.

Looking forward to the answers.

The series resistance of such devices tends to be low to begin with, and usually does not change much in relation to minor package differences.

Parasitic reactances are created as a direct result of package geometry, and therefore can be expected to change as package geometry does.

Signal Integrity Simplified by Eric Bogatin is a book that I recommend to those who are interested in these topics.