Magnetic Coil driving with Hbridge

Hello to all,
I have a project where I need to generate around 6-8A to produce a magnetic field (0.5-2mT)around 100-200kHz. What I am thinking is to have an H-bridge circuitry to drive the LC to generate a desired magnetic field(.5-2mT). I will really appreciate if any guidance provided on it (coil, cap, H-bridge circuitry, and controller)and your suggestion on the evaluation kit board readily available that meets my purpose.


It would be good to understand the apparatus you’re using to turn the current flow into a magnetic field from an electrical perspective; particularly what its DC resistance and impedance over the frequency range of interest are. If you have any requirements with regard to wave shape or spectral content, these also would be things to take into account. Potential solutions are likely to vary quite a bit in response to such factors.