Mains Power supply requirements for AO2703A+220V

This product: AO2703A+220V specifies 220VAC. That’s UK power.

Is it safe and will it be robust to operate it on 240VAC mains in Australia?


Sorry for the delayed response. Below is what we received from the product specialist.

The supplier confirmed it is safe to use on their 240V Mains in Australia.

Manufacturer: SRA Soldering Products
Manufacturer Part # AO2703A+220V
Digi-Key Part # 2260-AO2703A+220V-ND

I don’t think it is a good idea to do so. AO2703A+220V is a switching power and has a step-down transformer. At 240 VAC, the transformer cannot step down properly. It can even burn or damage your product. So I would suggest a product with a compatible voltage level.

The supplier confirmed it is safe to use on their 240V Mains in Australia..

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As a general statement (as in, there are exceptions), switching power supplies tend to be more tolerant to input voltage variation than linear type power supplies. This is because, with a linear power supply, the output voltage is largely determined by the transformer’s turns-ratio (a fixed value) and is, therefore, quite inflexible to input voltage variation.

Conversely, with a switching type topology, the AC input voltage is typically rectified to a high-voltage DC value first, and then switched down to a lower DC voltage from there. With this topology, the final output voltage is generally controlled by duty cycle modulation (which is varied automatically via an internal control loop) rather than a fixed transformer turns ratio, which makes it much more tolerant to input voltage variation.