How do I modify the purchased AO9378 soldering stand to support 240v in lieu of 110v received? Thanks ;}

Thank you for your inquiry Peter,

The AO9378 unit doesn’t have a configuration to swap between 110V/220V unfortunately. The manufacturer sells a separate 220V version of the part but we don’t have them in-stock right now. Around the end of January/beginning of February we will be adding them.

We have an alternate dual-function 220V soldering/desoldering station available from SRA’s Aoyue series in-stock right now::

Let me know if I can help with anything else!

I purchased this station from digi-key and expected the 240v as advertised. To save me waiting time, can I plug a converter on to the station?


Some people have made a power source around step-up or step-down transformers as needed to use a soldering station that doesn’t match the ‘wall voltage’. However, the time and cost of that solution isn’t better than using a ready-to-use converter with enough power output to operate your station. As long as the power connectors are a match, it should work. In other words, the converter connections, plus the AC voltage and frequency, have to match the country or region where you plan to use it.

I’m not sure where AO9378 was advertised as 240V, though. I don’t see that on our site or in the supplier’s datasheet.

Please advise how to replace the 110v with the 220v model without cost to me.
When the AO9378 was purchased from on 11th Dec 2020, I had assumed the 220v model would have been sent to suit Australian conditions.
Thanks in advance.

Hi Peter,

The model AO9378 was listed on our site as 110V input - . The 240V that Kaili mentioned earlier is AO701A++220V - it is in stock now.

If you need to return the incorrect one and order the correct model, please contact customer service and I’m sure they’d be happy to assist you.