Managing Account "co-workers"

I have created a list using the “myList” feature of the site and I am trying to share it with my co-workers. However, I am unable to figure out how to configure who my co-workers are as far as my DigiKey account is concerned.

I contacted DigiKey chat support about this but they did not seem to understand the issue. I don’t know if it makes a difference, but my co-workers and I just use our personal DigiKey accounts. I asked the chat rep if you need to have a business account and they assured me that any account can use the feature but they could not explain how to actually manage who your co-workers are.

If anyone knows how to do this, I would greatly appreciate the help!


To have the tool recognize your colleagues as co-workers, your DK accounts would need to be set up under a common root (company) account. Insofar as such are commonly associated with businesses operating on open credit terms, there are obvious problems with allowing self-management.

That said, I don’t believe the establishment of credit terms is a requirement. Whether or not merging personal accounts under a new root (as opposed to creating new accounts for business use) is doable or not I’m unsure (this forum is a pipe into product technical support, and they don’t let us play with customer records…) but if you contact sales and explain that Jim, Bob, and Nancy have formed TinyCorp Inc. and would like to have a shared root number, that would likely be a magic phrase that turns the light bulb on.

I’d suggest gathering names, customer numbers, and contact info of those involved, and packaging them with said explanation in an email to CC those listed in the interest of credibility. It’ll take some time to percolate as business has been on insane mode ever since the plague of 2020 spawned the chipocalypse of 2021, but having things in a neat package like that will make it much easier for folks to digest and route as needed.

Thank you kindly for your business. I’m sorry we don’t have a smoother path worked out yet, but if you imagine yourself in the pre-'net era when phone, fax, or snail mail were the only tools available, the inconvenience might not seem as bad.

In the meantime, the download/upload functionality might be helpful as a workaround. Not ideal from a standpoint of maintaining currency, but better than a bunch of manual data entry.