Are Public myLists Possible

I can’t find a way to make one of myList lists public. I have a list that I’d like to share with a bunch of people (and we are not part of a company).


Hello, Fuzzoli. Welcome to Digi-Key TechForum!

May I ask what you mean by “myList” in this instance? Apologies, I’m not familiar with that system.


…the feature on the website that allows you to make lists of parts to order.

I see. All right.

I’m sorry Fuzzoli, there’s no way I know of to set lists from your personal account to publicly viewable. I spoke with a Sales rep on this issue, their thought was that it’s not possible due to being a pretty serious security risk for your account. You can perhaps take a screenshot of your list if you’re careful to avoid including sensitive account details or manually copy down the list to a different program, but neither the Sales rep nor myself know how to share lists outside a company root number.

So I found the answer. The answer should have been: “The myList feature is designed to be used by a single user, or by a group of users connected by what’s called a “company root number”. An individual may publicaly share a list of items by first creating a cart. Then in Cart Tools, you can select Cart Share, which will create a new cart as well as a short URL link for which anyone can use to create their own cart.”

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