My Lists have disappeared

I created a couple of lists last month, which are really helpful for ordering.

Now when I log in and visit MyLists, they’ve vanished - it says I have not created any lists.

What happened?! Is there any way to recover them? This is a real problem if I can’t use lists.

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Hello @lockfarmuk

I did speak with a representative from my customer service department and they were not sure what happened in this instance. They did ask if you had more than one log-in or a shared computer. They have seen cases in which people have created lists on company log-ins and are missing under their own. If this is not the case they did welcome you to chat in with them and they could possible do a screen share with you and see if they are able to identify the problem.

Thank You

Thanks for following this up. I’ve double checked, and this is the log in I used to create the list (I placed an order with the list I created), and I’ve checked on the computer I was using.

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