Unable to add PCB Builder project from Cart to List

I go through the PCB Builder project submission process. The project goes to a cart as seen in the Cart_Summary screenshot. Then I add the project to a list. When I go to view the created list, I see an empty list as seen in the List_Summary screenshot.

I need to add the project to a List, so that I can share it with my companies’ purchasing department and have them submit payment. Why is the List empty? Is there an issue with the backend of PCB Builder and DigiKey?



Unfortunately PCB builder does not support 3rd party ordering (e.g. sending a link to your purchaser) at this time, via any of the methods one might do that for regular DK product. I’m told that support for this is intended for the future, but regrettably it didn’t make the slate of features for MVP or early development.

Hello @adrian.unkeles,

The share to cart feature is currently in the testing phase and hoping it will be implemented by the end of the month. Apologies for the inconvenience this is causing at the moment.