PCB order gets removed from cart when I go to checkout

I have used the PCB builder in the past without any hiccups, but yesterday and today when I try to place an order, I get all the way to checkout and it fails. After I enter my shipping and billing addresses the cart gets deleted and I get this message…

" ATTENTION: The following parts are no longer valid and were deleted from your cart, visit PCB Builder to re-configure. 4071-PCB_BARE_BOARD-ND "

I tried checking that my board doesn’t have any issues such as being too small, or traces that are too small or too close together. I even tried uploading a previous design that worked and it still gives me the same error.

Hi @juschri, thank you for posting this. I will check into this and work towards getting the issue resolved.

Thank you,
I can send you my zip file with the gerbers if that would help you in troubleshooting.

Hi @juschri, everything should be back up and running now. Please let me know if you experience any issues with ordering DKRed.

Hi @Lindsay_1029. I tried submitting it again and it is still giving me the same results.


I’ll take another look. I appreciate your patience on this.

I tried it again this morning and it worked.

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