Matching TE Amp connector/wires for this header?

For this TE Connectivity AMP header, are these the correct connectors and pre-crimped wires?

  • the pre-crimped wires
  • the header: 440146-8 (I’d link it, but there’s a two link limit per post… /sigh)

I’m not seeing a series name for these, so I’m not 100% certain.


Hi Chris,
Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. Part 440146-8 is the correct mate. The pre-crimped wires you selected are not listed for use with this housing. It doesn’t appear we have a pre-crimped wire assembly for this series but we do have the crimp contact which is part 1734193-1 . For wire we have these wire options which you could use to make your own wire/crimp contact assemblies. If your interested in the hand crimp tool we have part 2119537-1 .

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