MAX77960 I2C address

how can I configure MAX77960 I2C address and if not how can I address it I didn’t completely understood
the following line form the data sheet:
“The devices act as a slave transmitter/receiver. The slave address of the IC is 0xD2h/0xD3h. The least significant bit is
the read/write indicator (1 for read, 0 for write).”


I2C devices have two addresses that differ by 1 LSB. Which address is used determines whether the device is being read from or written to. While some devices provide a means of configuring the address pair to which a device responds, this does not appear to be the case with the MAX77960.

An I2C “slave” device is typically one which is incapable of initiating communications on the I2C bus.


I2C device addresses are part of the data stream sent over the I2C data bus. They are 8 bits long with the first bit as the read/write flag for the operation.

For this IC 0xD2 = write and 0xD3 = read.


thanks guys