MAZS0560ML Panasonic Obsolete Cross

MAZS0560ML is an obsolete Zener diode from Panasonic Electronic Components with the following specifications.

Specification NameValue
Forward Voltage1V @ 10mA
Zener Voltage5.6V
Power Max150mW
Impedance Max40 Ohms
Package/CaseSC-79, SOD-523

The closest alternative I could find is DigiKey part number 1727-4998-1-ND; manufacturer part number BZX585-B5V6,115 getting as close as possible to the original specifications.

Here are more items that are similar but have slight variances from the original that may work depending on your application.

SC-79, SOD-523 Single Zener Diodes | Zener | Diodes | Electronic Components Distributor DigiKey

Please review the datasheets to ensure the alternative will work for your application.