Can anyone recommend a replacement for Panasonic MAZ9120H0L

I need to replace a damaged zener diode. The part listed is the Panasonic MAZ9120H0L, but it looks like it’s been obsoleted by Panasonic.

Can anyone suggests a replacement for this part, please? The replacements I’ve found so far seem to be in a smaller package.

Thank you.

Note: because this is transient suppression device, if the rest of the circuit survived the surges that took out the device, then the device should work normally with the old part removed from the circuit. If the device does not work with the part removed, you should trouble shoot more of the circuit to find the other dead parts.

There is no exact match but there are some that are so close in specs they should work fine (main spec is 12V nominal VBR).
This one is the cheapest in stock close match:

The one application I can think of where this substitute would not work, is if a section of this transient voltage suppressor is connected to a 9V battery input before any reverse polarity protection (substitutes are 8.5V max VRWM, original is 9V max).

Other 8.5V max VRWM devices are in this search result:

Welcome to the Digikey tech forum. Take a look at Digikey part 1727-6269-1-ND. The size is not the same but close , looking at the drawings for the two it should still fit.

Thanks everyone for the feedback. @PaulHutch your advice is really appreciated. I should have given more detail. This is for a playstation 1, the 5500 series motherboard has 2 zener side by side. On inspection one of them showed damage to the actual package exposing the internals. I’ll do a bit of testing, to confirm the issues. I’m still a noob when it comes to circuits so a lot of my “testing” has been just replacing parts til it works. I’ll be whipping out my multimeter today.

@Steve_Fellman thanks for the suggestion. I’ll order a few today.