MC1723cp cross?

I’m trying to find a cross to a MC1723CP Voltage regulator IC. It’s obsolete and so are 2 equivalents I’ve found, the LM723 and NTE923. Any ideas?
Thank you!

Follow-up: I found this one at Digikey: KA723-ND. Everything looks very similar(including the 723 part). The LM723, MC1723, UA723, all look suspiciously similar.

Sorry, this is the one in stock at Digikey: 296-11104-5-ND

Here’s the one I came up with:

296-11104-5-ND Same internal schematic. Over 4,000 pieces in stock

Yep, you got it.

Ordered, thank you!

FYI - that sequence of prefixes is fairly common for older analog components.

LM = National Semiconductor, MC1 = Motorola, UA = Texas Instruments (they bought NS so now sell both the LM & UA variants)

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