Meaning of RFG in this MPN BSS84 of Taiwan Semiconductor Corporation

we could explain to our customers that the meaning of RFG in this MPN BSS84 RFG is:
1801-BSS84RFGTR-ND - Tape and Reel – TR as the actual GREEN Packaging Specification for 3,000pcs / 7” Reel and RF is the internal technology identification as in the ORDERING INFORMATION from BSS84_A2007 datasheet of Taiwan Semiconductor Corporation for BSS84 RFG that is kind of an industry standard for a MOSFET P-CHANNEL with 50V 130mA in SOT23-3 invented originally from Fairchild Semiconductor, being named onsemi now and available as commodity discrete semiconductor from alternative suppliers like: infineon, Rohm, MCC as well.

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