Meaning of the last digits of FL1200130, FL1200050, FL1200053, FL1200158

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Can you explain or share with us the document what show everything the value,tolerance,ESR for the Diode -crystal part FL1200130, FL1200050, FL1200053, FL1200158?
What is the different of end surfix FL1200130, FL1200050, FL1200053, FL1200158?

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Hello Danny and welcome to the forum.

For the FL series (Datasheet here) you can expect the first three digits after the FL to be the frequency and the last four digits to be an internal index for Diodes Inc. There won’t be any meaning on those last four numbers you can extrapolate on.

That said, we do have the ESR, and ppm tolerance value listed on our product attributes. You can reference those.