MeanWell alternative chassis

I need an alternative for Meanwell part:

Or do you carry this model?

Hi Computacenter,

Your part number defines a complete assembly which combines a power supply rack and three power modules which are inserted into the rack. It is made up of the following:

Ordering one of the RKP-1UI and three of the RCP-2000-12 will be the equivalent to the RKP-6K1UI-12.


Hi David,
I have a quote- 13692910.
My customer wants
Qty 8 RKP-6K1UI-12
Qty 24 RCP-2000-12

Can you have the quote updated to reflect the parts you provided?

Hi Computacenter,

I have sent a message to Quotes to have 8 units of the RKP-1UI (Digi-Key p/n: 1866-4002-ND) added to your quote.

Together with the Qty 24 of the RCP-2000-12 already on the quote, that would be the same as ordering Qty 8 of the RKP-6K1UI-12.