Looking to replace a powersupply

I have an open-frame power supply that I need to find a substitute for since no one seems to fix things anymore.

It is an MPS-120-15 that takes 208 input; output 15V 8.0amps; three outputs.

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Volume manufacturing long ago made it more expensive to repair than replace sophisticated electronic products. If I was quoting the repair of that power supply I’d estimate $100.00 to $200.00 assuming I can only charge for a successful repair.

The product you linked has only one output but your text says three outputs. However you only show one output voltage which is normally considered a single output supply.

On the product page you linked, the Digi-Key/Manufacturer recommended substitute is this one.

Note: Mean Well changed the way they specify maximum current for sales/marketing purposes.

The older product says 8A however that requires a 25CFM fan and ducting for the product enclosure that is not included. Without the forced air cooling (convection only) the power supply is rated for 5.3A

The substitute product has a sales/marketing rating of 7.3A but that is for convection cooling. When used with a 20.5CFM fan and ducting the rating is 10.3A.

Also be aware that the connector arrangement and physical size are different so check the data sheet carefully to make sure the replacement can be adapted to your equipment.

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Click here for 1866-3261-ND, which is the best priced one, with an output of 15V @ 10A max.
Click here for 1470-2372-ND, which is the closest match for the 15V @ 8A max output.
Please check the datasheets to verify compatibility.