MEC Switches Multimec Series Switch Cap Height Inquiry

Inquiries about the height of Multimec Series switch caps from MEC Switches are common. The datasheet is often misunderstood to say the “Height” specification in the part number builder is the cap height.


Confirmed by manufacturer, the “Height” field the total height for the switch and cap both, not just the height of the cap. See example 1SS09-15.0, below - the total height is 15mm.


For cap height, please refer to Product Drawing.

Applicable part numbers
DK Part # Mfr Part #
679-2590-ND 1IS11-10.4
679-3302-ND 1IS11-12.0
679-3301-ND 1IS11-16.0
679-3300-ND 1IS11-19.0
679-3299-ND 1IS11-22.5
679-2591-ND 1IS16-12.0
679-2592-ND 1LS001-12.0
679-2593-ND 1LS032-12.0
679-2594-ND 1LS036-12.0
1LS036-15.0-ND 1LS036-15.0
679-2595-ND 1LS088-15.0
679-2596-ND 1LS094-15.0
679-2597-ND 1LS096-15.0
679-2598-ND 1LS098-15.0
679-2112-ND 1S09-16.0
679-2113-ND 1S09-19.0
679-2114-ND 1S09-22.5
679-2115-ND 1S11-16.0
679-2116-ND 1S11-19.0
679-2117-ND 1S11-22.5
679-2581-ND 1SS00-08.0
679-2582-ND 1SS02-08.0
679-2584-ND 1SS02-09.5
679-3575-ND 1SS02-12.0
679-3577-ND 1SS02-15.0
1SS02-16.0-ND 1SS02-16.0
1SS02-19.0-ND 1SS02-19.0
679-3574-ND 1SS02-22.5
679-2585-ND 1SS03-10.4
679-2586-ND 1SS04-11.0
679-2587-ND 1SS06-12.0
679-2583-ND 1SS08-08.0
679-2588-ND 1SS08-15.0
679-3728-ND 1SS09-09.5
679-2589-ND 1SS09-10.4
679-3741-ND 1SS09-15.0
679-3307-ND 1SS09-16.0
679-3315-ND 1SS09-19.0
679-3314-ND 1SS09-22.5