Why are the dimensions different from the specification sheet?

EKZH250ELL102MJ25S, most measured lengths are between 24 and 25mm.

But the length in the specification sheet is Part spec L=25+1.5 max=25-26.5 mm.

May I ask if the range is incorrect? Actually, it is 25 plus or minus 1.5mm?


To verify, You have these on hand and are measuring some to be 24mm?
As when I look at the spec given from the manufacturer it would be listed to be a minimum of 25mm with a max of 26.5mm.

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Pls kindly see our attached the measuring picture. Is it the normal length range?

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Hi katrina,

The specification in the datasheet is specifically referring to the maximum length only, rather than a minimum and maximum range. The key term is the word “max” in the specification " L’ ".

The length " L " is the nominal length, as listed here:

Since having a capacitor which is slightly shorter than the nominal length of 25mm would rarely be a problem, I don’t believe that Chemi-Con felt a need to specify the minimum length.

Therefore, the capacitor is within spec.