Capacitor help

Need help in identifying these


Thank you for contacting Digi-Key. Welcome to the Technical Forum. We do not carry this brand, but we do have similar capacitors rated for the 105C. There was no size listed so I was not able to narrow down the list. Though you can look at stocking options on this list: Capacitors | Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors | DigiKey. Just review for size and see what would be the best match.

They measure 52 mm tall 24 mm diameter and 25 mm between poles

The description on the size confuses me a little bit. Usually the lead space for this type of capacitor is 10mm. I am assuming that is the dimension you provided for the 25mm between the poles. I did find some that had the 10mm lead spacing . Here is an updated link for you to look at ::

Please review these three parts to see if one would work for you.