I have Chemi-con 22,000uf/100V and I can’t find the datasheet of it

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You may be interested in the CHEMI-CON 2023 capacitor catalog.

Hopefully, you can find the specific capacitor of interest. Know that the front of the catalog features helpful family relationship as shown in this picture.

Please let us know if you were successful or if you require any additional information about the capacitor.

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Picture showing relationships between Chemi-Con screw-mount capacitors.

If you can provide a part number we can help in trying to find a datasheet. With just two specifications there is no way to know which datasheet you need as Chemi-Con makes a number of options with those specifications.

Part number: E36D101LPN223TDA5U

Thank you.

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E36D101LPN223TDA5U The datasheet for that series can be found here U36D Lansing Web293 (, I have also contacted our information dept to get it linked to the part in question, thank you for bringing it to our attention.