Capacitor Identification

I would like to confirm if the part that I located in Nippon Chemi-Con Cap Part No ESMH101VSN562MA45S is similar to the photos attached.

ESMH101VSN562MA45S Chemi-Con | Capacitors | DigiKey

Thank you.


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Welcome to the forum.

Yes that part is electrically similar to the part in the photo, same capacitance and voltage rating.

Given the tight packing of the parts in the device the big question is, are they close enough in size and lead spacing to fit in the device.

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Thank you for the welcome and response. Most thankful to you. This cap is used as an array of caps for a Hifi power amplifier. One of the caps failed and my friend was seeking help to find the replacement. If it is the same component, then it should work. I guess he has to take readings of the rest and see if the board is still in good shape. Thank goodness for Digikey, this forum and your response. Much appreciated.

Glad to help.

I don’t think I was clear, I have no idea if the linked part is the same part as in the photos.

I only know the two most basic electrical specifications match.

The physical size and lead spacing may be very different. Measuring the actual part and comparing that to the dimensions in the data sheet are the only way to estimate if they will physically fit in the space available.

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Hi Paul
Great advice and thanks. I will ask the technician to remove one and measure it against the dimensions in the spec sheet. Thanks again.


I think you should be very close to a match. It looks to be the same SMH series also. If the 35mm diameter X 47mm length and the 10mm lead spacing will fit your board, these should work.

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thanks David,… will definitely do the measurements once the component is out…