MediaMTX RTSP stream to run as a service (from digikey guide)

I’m a bit of Linux noob and i’m following this guide to get a RTSP stream working on my RPI:

The stream works but i can’t get the program to work as a service (see section at bottom of the page). Because the project has been renamed from ‘‘rtsp-simple-server’’ to ‘‘MediaMTX’’ i made sure to substitute the new name in all the files, but i’m not sure if i made a typo anywhere.

When i try the command " sudo systemctl enable mediamtx" i get the error message in the image. I’ve made sure to substitute mediamtx in the .service file and i’ve checked if all the files mentioned in the .service file are in their place.

Does anyone know what i’m doing wrong? Thanks for the help!

I figured it out, copying the content for the .service file from the site didnt work. I went to the github and copied the code from there and got it to work.