Micro Encoder

This is a first for me, I found an encoder that is extremely small there is a sticker on the back of the encoder however I couldn’t find all that much, until I disassembled it. I found some markings that looked like a 200 does that mean 200 P/R? I’ll add a few photos and the dimensions that I measured. I’m not a 100 percent sure but It may be a quadratic due to having 4 wires red, black, yellow and green. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Encoder Dimensions.txt (204 Bytes)

Hello TechMonkey,

I was unable to find anything on these numbers, and I did not find a similar part in our system.
I would this the 200 would not be for the PPR, as that should match the numbers of contacts on the wheel. Each contact should cause a pulse, and on your top picture, there are a lot more than 200 contacts for a full rotation. Maybe one of the Engineers on the TechForum can add to this post.

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