Micro SD to SD adapter cable

I am looking for a good quality adapter cable: micro SD male to SD Female input, to use in a 3D printer slot. The cheap cables I tried do not secure in the slot. Does Digikey have a reliable product (cable length 10-15 cm)?

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Hello ceeskranen,

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I wasn’t able to find any cable adapter that we carried that are SD to micro SD type. Unfortunately it seems we don’t have a lot to offer in that area. There are some multi lever adapters/converters that we carry that have some micro SD conversion but nothing with a cable extension of SD to micro SD.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

i remember seeing these a few years back:

Here is what i can find today… https://www.digikey.com/short/m57qmb29

I do remember seeing a long, microSD to SD…


Thanks Robert for your input.
The items you indicate are only extensions.
I need a short adapter cable from Micro SD (male)to SD (female).
I’m sourcing it now elsewhere.
Kind regards, Cees