CCTV Camera extension cable part #

looking for digi-key comparative for the following item:
5.5mm x 2.1mm Extension Cord,DC 12v Power Supply Adapter for CCTV Security Camera Surveillance Indoor Wireless IP Camera Dvr Standalone LED Strip,Car,12 Volt Male to Female Plug Cable 10ft

what is the Current rating?
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its for use with this camera:

I do not see any wattage or current information , so basically , no clue as to the need of the part.

At only 60mA per the data sheet you could use thinner cable, but it appears all the in-stock 5.5mm x 2.1mm Male to Female 10ft Extension Cords are 18AWG.
Here’s a search result with the five options, any of them should work.

There is a mention of Car, is this a cigarette adapter situation or an extension cable for a barrel plug?

If you’re looking for a cigarette adapter on one end to female barrel jack 2.1mm inner diameter - 10ft I didn’t see any. Only male plugs.

If that’s what you need the options are from Digi-Key to buy a barrel jack cable and solder on a cigarette adapter to the other end, or buy a cigarette adapter cable and solder on a female barrel jack connector on the other end.

Otherwise the no solder solution would be to buy a shorter cigarette adapter cable with a male barrel plug on one end and also extension cable with with a female jack connector on both ends, what we sometimes refer to as a gender changer.

Click here for 2.1MM JACK-JACK 6ft Digi-Key PN: 839-1385-ND

Click here for AUTO CBL MALE PLUG 12V 5A W/LED Digi-Key PN: ZA5073-ND

Click here for CONN PWR JACK 2.1X5.5MM SOLDER Digi-Key PN: CP-024A-ND

Click here for AUTO POWER PLUG - WIRE LEADS Digi-Key PN: ZA5074-B-ND

Otherwise if you just need a Jack to Plug cable like PaulHutch suggested, a potential option would be:

Click here for Female to Male Barrel Connector Cable Digi-Key PN: 839-1638-ND

thanks for checking, ya this is just an extension cable no need for cigarette adapter. Sorry for the confusion I copy/pasted the bulk desc from the previous item we used.

this looks on track thank you. Can you help me with the differences between these 3 options as they arent evident to me other than the cable type and 2 are the same:
10-02385 (flat cable type)
10-02379 (flat cable type)
10-03339 (round cable type)

additional clarity if helps, this is the item we’ve bought previously but its a 2pk and we need single qty for individual locations (2nd unit was just a waste.)

The Amazon one is round cable. Flat cable is like traditional lamp cord or speaker wire. Other differences are likely small dimensional differences but you’d need to study the data sheets to figure that out.

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thank you all for your assistance.

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