Micro Sigfox SMMS-T4 & weatherproof cover

Will the Micro Sigfox SMMS-T4 work in South Africa. Does one need to pay Subs to Sigfox and how do I buy a Weatherproof cover?

You can check this website.


Hello Phil1,

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I only found that we offer the SMBS-T4 and the related cover:
SMBS-T4 Micro Base Station - Sigfox | DigiKey

But I found no info on SMMS-T4. Not even on Sigfox website. The source bidrogini provided above seems a good source of info.

I cannot say preciselly for SMMS-T4 but we have a data sheet for the SMBS-T4 linked below:
54956708-SMBS-T4-Datasheet_1906_EXT.pdf (digikey.com)

Hope that helps.