Microchip PIC18F2410 defective?

Have you had any reports of counterfeit or defective Microchip PICs, specifically PIC18F2410? We have a design with dual footprints to allow use of either DIP or SOIC parts (never installed together) as market conditions dictate. We recently built up a dozen of these, half with DIP and half with SOIC. Of those two DIPs and one SOIC draw excess current, and a thermal camera shows the internal wafer lighting up enthusiastically. Orientation and connections are the same as on the 9 working units. Any ideas?

I am checking on this one. Will let you know when I receive the information.

Sorry for the delay on this one, there is no evidence to show these parts or any other previous we have had have been counterfeit or defective. If you are concerned and need to know what is happening with these, then I would have them fill out the attached Failure analysis form to see if Microchip can find what the error is.
FA Request Form_rev2.xlsx (28.4 KB)