Unknown 8 bit microcontroller

I am working a circuit that has a 16 pin SOIC processor that has the unusual configuration of P1 GND and Pin 16 VDD. Pins 2 - 7 are used I/O, Pin 8 is NC and Pin 9 - 15 are used I/O.

It has internal memory and clock. Power is 3.3v.


Hi @triage, if you look at it from any angle, do you see any laser etching/etc on the part?


No etching detected. I have used angles, and lighting to try and illuminate.

Hi triage,

The only series of parts I was able to find with this pinout are the MC908KX series. The only one in stock is the MC908KX8CDWE. There obviously may be others, but I couldn’t find any. I expected to find others within the HC08 family (Motorola/Freescale/NXP), but most of those had either reversed pinout (Vdd on pin 1, Vss on pin 16) or had them in completely different locations.

That does look like it could be the match; or at least the series. I have not seen this VSS / VDD configuration before. Thank you for helping me to identify alternatives.
Health and regards David_1528!

HR7P153P4SD这个型号是你所需要的 :relaxed: