Mikroe NECTO Studio Remote Debugging

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Using CODEGRIP Suite, connect to your board over USB and configure the built-in WiFi to connect to your internal network, you’ll need the option CODEGRIP WiFi License to enable this connection.

|* Device General|

* WiFi General
* WiFi Mode: Station Mode
* WiFi Mode - Station Mode

NECTO Studio Configuration

  • Select WiFi and ICD
  • Set Remote scan address
  • Set Remote Port (if different then 49001)
  • Click Apply
  • Click Search Icon

Optional Camera

Any small SBC with a web-camera will work, in this example, we took a BeagleBone Black, and installed the latest image and setup mjpg_stream to broadcast a live view of the development board.

debian@beaglebone:~$ cat /etc/dogtag
BeagleBoard.org Debian Buster Console Image 2020-04-06
cd /opt/scripts/tools/software/mjpg-streamer/`
sudo ./install_mjpg_streamer.sh`
sudo systemctl start mjpg-streamer

Firewall Rules for Outside Connections

In our example, the board got an static IP address of (inside our network), create two rules to port forward 49001 and 49002 in your firewall. For the optimal camera, forward any external port to 8090 which mjpg-streamer uses by default.