Missing Sealing Ring - Jacob Perfect Cable Gland

I purchased Digi-Key part 2291-50.612PA/SW-ND which states in the table that it includes a sealing ring, however I didn’t receive any sealing rings. Should this have come with them? If not what size sealing ring do I need to order for these? Thanks in advance.

Hello @drat I took a look at the Datasheet and it appears this may be a special request.

I have reached out to the product manager to get clarification on if it is supposed to be included or not and if there are specifications for the sealing ring.


Hello @drat,

I did confirm with the product manager that you should have received a sealing ring with this part. You would need to contact our customer service department with your salesorder number to have a new part sent out to you.
If they have any questions you can have them contact me.


Note from PM
“Article 50.612 PA/SW includes a sealing ring with the article number WJ-D 7
There are no O-rings included. The article number of these would be 50.312 G/1.5
Attached you will find the data sheets for all of them.”

S012_Datasheet_50.6xx PAzzzz.pdf (358.3 KB)
S199_Datasheet_WJ-D xx.pdf (224.1 KB)
S213_Datasheet_50.3xx Gz.pdf (212.6 KB)