Whether the parts provide waterproof rings


I bought the 2171760001 part a few days ago and did not receive the waterproof ring

Is the waterproof ring not provided?


Hello elite1990,

Thank you for your post.

After looking at the Molex website and their documentation, it looks like that should come with that waterproof ring.

I would suggest contacting our Customer Service Department either by phone at 1-800-344-4539 and you can initiate a chat on our site and request Customer Service to make sure you get those pieces.

The links are for reference in case our Customer Service Department requires any proof of those being included. Also, you can mention this post or copy and paste it to them for further reference.

Molex Connector Part Number - 217176-0001

2171760001_sd.pdf (molex.com)

Thank you for your help!

Very clear instructions :slight_smile: