MMF336118 Strain Gauge

How do I set up the strain gauge? Is an arduino board use to capture the sensing from the sensor?

While an arduino can be used as part of a system for strain measurements, the output of a strain gauge is too small to be usefully measured by an arduino directly; additional circuitry to provide amplification is necessary. This resource offers an explanation of some techniques and options regarding the setup of the strain gauge itself.

This application note offers an example of one circuit that can be used for amplifying strain gauge signals, while this resource discusses the topic in more depth.

Also, what circuitry do you recommend we use to get actual readings from the strain gauge without having to amplify it? I am trying to figure out how to basically work the sensor and what to do to get readings from it. Any information will be helpful.

There really isn’t a practical way to get useful readings from a strain gauge without amplification of some form; the signals they generate are simply too small. One could perhaps measure their resistance directly using a precision multimeter, but for project purposes a few op amps or an instrumentation amplifier are a more practical choice.