Molex Connector fab, 22ga, guidance needed

First-timer here, and not an EE, so hoping I can get a hand:
Recently received Digikey #952-2032-ND connector receptacles and trying to assemble to the cable end;
I am using with Digikey #455-2147-1-ND connector socket, 22-26AGW. Using 22AWG wire and I have the correct Molex brand crimpers (Molex #60639). The crimping is going well enough after some practice, but the crimped connector socket while it seems correctly formed is difficult to insert into the socket, and mis-shapes or even cracks the receptacle before full insertion.
BTW the crimpers ratchet closed and won’t open until the crimp is completely formed, so pretty sure the crimped envelop is correctly sized.
Any guidance you can offer is greatly appreciated, or if I am using an incorrect item please let me know - we’ve used these items in the past and assembly was successful with minimal difficulty.
Kind regards,
Chris Griffin

Hello Chris,

Looking through the parts you are using, it appears that you may have mismatched contacts for the connector you are using. If that is the right mating connector that you are using, the correct contacts would be our part 952-2159-ND.

Also the crimper you have may work, however harwin recommends part 952-2176-ND as the correct crimper for these contacts.

Each Manufacturer has their own contacts for their housings. Can’t mix and match contacts and housing from different manufacturers.
Contacts from Molex will not fit correctly in a Harwin housing.

Excellent, thank you Travis!
And thank you Paul for the background.
Ordering recommended items now.
Kind regards,

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